Corporate headshot

Melbourne Ballarat Corporate Headshots Photographer   corporate headshot photography Photography. Design. Print. I offer a fully personalised mobile and studio based portrait service in Central Ballarat. I use full sensor high resolution photographic equipment. I consult with you about the photo style prior to the shoot to ensure that the portraits suit your needs when‚Ķ

WE R You paste ups street art Ballarat

We R You paste up Project kicks off!

Ballarat community photography collage poster We R You Community Engagement project  WHO               We R You is an initiative of the CoB Arts & Culture Unit, involving partnerships with community and Council agencies across Ballarat. Those providing letters of support and participation include: Victorian Police CoB Community Safety Committee Ballarat Health Refugee Support Group Рparticipation…

Under the Floorboards – thoughts and work progress

Everything you create is a reflection of you If you don’t have a personal connection to the story, it might not work out at all. ¬†You‚Äôre only going to tell the best stories when you can connect with them. This is so true. It was always clear to me that if I didn’t connect with‚Ķ

Multicultural Ambassadors City of Ballarat Program City of Ballarat 2012-2014

Intercultural Ambassador Program

Between 2012-2014 I took part of then City of Ballarat’s Multicultural Ambassador Program (unpaid). It was two years after migrating to Australia and then choosing to live in Ballarat. My personal experiences were mostly positive, some of my enthusiasm was later dampened down by some bureaucracy which made me think of my growing and uneasy‚Ķ

Ryu last two weeks in Australia

Best of 2012

Best Shots 2012 What a year… Met more people in one year than I could afford to print business cards for! ūüėČ ¬†But all happy. Everyone reflects on 2012, so why not – it’s a great chance to get all the archives together and clean up my desktop yay! Enjoy the story & I look‚Ķ

ballarat city council multicultural ambassador

40 Under 40

The Courier edited out some important words, so I’m posting a full text here. NAME: Aldona Kmieńá AGE: 35 OCCUPATION: Professional Photographer, Multicultural Ambassador City of Ballarat 2012-2014 WHAT ARE YOU HOPES FOR THE FUTURE OF BALLARAT: MORE OPEN I‚Äôd like to see Ballarat being liked more by its own people. For people who have‚Ķ

POL-ART Festival Perth

Pol-Art Festival Perth PolArt, one of the largest Polish cultural festivals held outside Poland, is arriving in Perth this December (28 December to 5 January 2013). PolArt festivals have been celebrating Polish culture in Australia for over 35 years. Organised every three years, the festival takes place in different capital cities of Australia, previously held…

Artistic Fine ART Quirky Pet People Portrait Photography Victoria Park Ballarat Photo Aldona Kmiec 2012 PORTRAIT SITTERS WANTED

Ryu Okuno, KendŇćka

100 Faces Fine Art Portrait¬†Project: Ryu Okuno¬† Fine Art Portrait Photography 100 Faces is a self-funded project with limited resources. If you’d like to know more, be a part of or support my project by becoming a Contributor or a Sponsor ¬†– please get in touch or donate using the form below! Your contribution is‚Ķ

Cameron Ross Dishpan Fingers

100 Faces Project:¬†Cameron Ross While having a Christmas break in the project, I’m using some of my archive images. Cameron was one of the first people I’ve met in Ballarat. His friendliness, attitude, energy and motivation to life are exceptional. His handful of talents shine in everything he does. On top of begin a Dad‚Ķ

green leaf commercial Photography magazine product photoshoot Melbourne Ballarat

Product Photography

Product photography – Australian Soy Candles I have not left my studio yet, literally all morning I have been shooting these beautiful Australian Soy Candles that make the studio smell so unbelievably nice!!! There are literally hundreds of different fragrances on my desk… from exotic coconut, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla sticks to lemon grass candles and‚Ķ

Women Business Portraits

Melbourne Ballarat¬†Female Portraits   Portrait Preparation: Clothing Clothing for corporate headshot photography¬†should be professional and suit your company or your business look. High contrast combinations, such as a dark jacket, white shirt and bold tie, scarf or accessories work well.¬†Pastels and busy patterns are best avoided.¬†Solid colours, freshly ironed, long sleeved shirts are flattering,¬†be aware‚Ķ

The Forge Pizza Ballarat Rustic Warehouse Conversion Commercial Interiors Architecture Photography

The Forge Pizza Ballarat

Interior Photography Things to do in Ballarat? Plenty. Especially if you want to discover a local food and wine scene. Ballarat¬†is renowned for its award-winning attractions and unique¬†visitor experiences. Forge Ballarat’s rustic warehouse interior adds to what is becoming a vibrant Ballarat city dining scene. Located on Armstrong St North Former CV Jones Auctions House‚Ķ

100 kylie tribute show George Hotel Ballarat Aldona Kmiec Art Photography

100% Kylie Tribute Show

Lucy Holmes, Star of 100 percent Kylie Tribute international smash hit performs at The George Hotel, Ballarat.

Eco Garden Aldona Kmiec Photography Australia

Carl Zeiss

Who doesn’t like Carl… Pottering around for some domestic shots with my favourite 50mm f1.8 primes… My sharp Rolleiflex lens came from ebay together with a Rolleiflex SLR camera that served me nearly 4 years until the winding mechanism got jammed. In August 2011 during the Ballarat¬†International¬†Foto Biennale camera swap market I found people who‚Ķ