Creative Photography

What Is Creative Photography?

What Is Creative Photography? Creative photography is hard to explain. Why? Because creativity is very subjective and everyone’s imagination is different. I always know when I “feel” creative on the shoot or not. Creativity is explained as the act of turning imaginative ideas into reality and characterised by the ability to perceive the world around…

Jessica Andersen painter Clunes fields by Aldona Kmiec Photographer

Jessica Andersen Artist photoshoot

Photographer’s Assistant: Louisa Lobigs Props: Magda Kazmierczak Shooting conditions: Tue 16th Feb 2016 after 6.30pm 12C, windy I met a Ballarat-based painter Jessica Andersen through the newly formed local artists group SHAC – Soldiers Hill Arts Collective. The group was formed quite accidentally after Lynne & Ken Makings, residents of Soldiers Hill, while walking the dogs…

Eco Garden Aldona Kmiec Photography Australia

Carl Zeiss

Who doesn’t like Carl… Pottering around for some domestic shots with my favourite 50mm f1.8 primes… My sharp Rolleiflex lens came from ebay together with a Rolleiflex SLR camera that served me nearly 4 years until the winding mechanism got jammed. In August 2011 during the Ballarat International Foto Biennale camera swap market I found people who…