I’m working with hundreds of  images. It can be very overwhelming at times, especially if the images are too big and crash the software.

For each of four b&w portraits I will have approx between 400-900 small images, that will create a foreground for this layered mosaic. Each image has to be checked for size, contrast and edited, so there are enough images with various colour range and tonality for the mosaic to work. It takes a very long time, which is frustrating. Days and days.. When the final mosaic is created I assess it and decide whether I like it. Until now, there’s still something missing and I need to edit a couple more images.

Here’s an example of a start of the work:

Under the Floorboards-work in progress-mosaic portraits


Under the Floorboards UnitingCare Ballarat begins a unique artistic project, Under the Floorboards, with the first of 12 artist residences commencing on Monday 30th July. Under the Floorboards is a collaborative project in which renowned Western District artists will create works based on their experiences at one of the diverse programs provided by UnitingCare Ballarat. The project will culminate in a gala event with an art auction and performance of the works in October 2013 and the proceeds will provide funding for the services. The City of Ballarat Arts & Cultural Development is a project partner with UnitingCare Ballarat, extending opportunities for quality arts experiences to all members of the community and providing significant professional development opportunities to local & regional artists. ABC Ballarat is the project media partner.