Pol-Art Festival Perth

PolArt, one of the largest Polish cultural festivals held outside Poland, is arriving in Perth this December (28 December to 5 January 2013). PolArt festivals have been celebrating Polish culture in Australia for over 35 years. Organised every three years, the festival takes place in different capital cities of Australia, previously held in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. One of the largest Polish cultural festivals held outside Poland, Pol-Art is arriving to Perth this year. I will be exhibiting Cafe in Soler and other  prints from my ultimate collection.

Visual arts

PolArt 2012 has brought together a selection of Polish artists, sculptors and photographers who will make up the PolArt Visual Arts program. The exhibition opens on Saturday 29 December for two weeks, and will be held at the beautiful Hackett Hall, WA Museum. Entry is free! Opening hours are 9.30 to 17.00 each day, except New Years Day when the Museum is closed.

Artists featured in the exhibition will include:

  • Aldona Kmiec
  • Krys Kos
  • Voytek Kozlowski
  • Doloris Mazur
  • Basia Meder
  • Lucja Ray
  • Greg Ratajczak
  • Jolanta Szymczyk
  • Marzena Topka
  • Violetta Wilk
  • Bozena Wiszniewski

Pol-Art Festival y 28th December 2012 – 11 January 2013


POL-ART Festival Perth Aldona Kmiec Exhibiting Artist
Portrait of a Polish folk dancer at the Polish Picnic Sydney 2011