Soldiers Hill Art Walk Aldona Kmiec Soldiers Hill Artist

Soldiers Hill Art Walk Ballarat

Join Ballarat artists from SHAC – Soldiers Hill Artist Collective at their art studios open to public on all May weekends. Soldiers Hill Artist Collective presents a self guided tour through the historic streets of Soldiers Hill. Over 20 Artists exhibit in venues within the front windows of old shop fronts, private residences, pubs and…

Cafe in Soler Photo Wall Mural Ballarat Victorian House Aldona Kmiec Artist

Wall Mural

As seen on The Design Files and Better Homes & Gardens You take a holiday snap photo on your first camera you could ever afford that ends up on your wall ten years later! That’s more or less the story behind my ‘Cafe in Soler‘ image, now a wall mural. The photo was taken during holidays in Majorca…

Steamers Beach Jervis Bay Australia Roadtrip

Australia Roadtrip

Head goes spinning when you think about photo opportunities – there’s so much to photograph on any Australian road trip! Our three weeks adventure started at Cooloola National Park near Fraser Coast Region, Queensland driving down A1 Pacific Highway towards Central Coast, trying YouCamp Adventures on private land, bypassing Sydney as fast as we could and stopping…

Ballarat Airbnb Photography Webster St House Ballarat Real Estate Photography

Webster St House Ballarat

Ballarat Real Estate Photography Recently I had the pleasure to provide Ballarat real estate photography for Buninyong based studio MD Interior Design, owned and operated by Michelle Donald. Michelle is one of Ballarat’s leading interior design colour specialists and Ballarat’s authorised Dulux Colour Consultant. Her eye for detail and passion is evident in her recent Webster Street…

Commercial Photography Ballarat Base Hospital JEMechanical

Industrial photography: Ballarat Base Hospital

Industrial photography Recently, I provided some commercial photography work for a Ballarat plumbing business, JE Mechanical, photographing industrial air conditioning systems at the newly opened wing of the new Ballarat Base Hospital, Peter Stevens Motors Ballarat, The Forge Pizzeria / Housey Housey wedding venue in Ballarat. “Thanks for taking the time to attend our industrial…

Ballarat Photography Tours with Photographer Aldona Kmiec Ballarat Think big you have nothing to loose Dr Blake Mysteries Bar Lydiard Street Aldona Kmiec Photography

Ballarat Art Space

My 1st year in Ballarat… WTF London grey, I love it, feel at home My 2nd year in Ballarat… WTF- where are the art spaces in this city? My 3rd year in Ballarat … WTF ok be patient now My 4th year in Ballarat… WTF ok we have paste-ups and we have small shop on Sturt…

Flying Object Lakes Entrance beach

Flying Object: photographic haiku

Flying object kinetic force of unknown origin came lightning fast interrupting the air currents Every Wednesday I’m at the Lakes Entrance beach. I never know what I will find. Analytical brain questions everything: why, what does it mean, what is the message/concept behind it, what do I do with it now, why did it land…

The view from the East Ballarat Photography Migration and Art Faces of migration Aldona Kmiec Ballarat London traveller pan exposure

Migration Art

Migration has many faces. Chosen by you or inflicted upon you by a set of circumstances. What drives your desire to migrate permanently or temporarily, how do you let go of negative feelings and how do you adapt to your new environment without loosing your identity in the process? These questions have been on my mind for…

Aldona Kmiec Dreamscapes Exposure tab Google Chrome browser Dreamscapes Ballarat Poet Nathan Curnow

Be Brave

Worthy Tip. Try an Exposure app on Chrome to see photography every time you open a new browser tab.

White Night Ballarat neon installation lights

White Night Ballarat

Night of illumination and art, the inaugural White Night Ballarat went down as quite a historic event! Nobody has seen such massive public participation, with exception perhaps of the great street parades at the beginning of the 20th century! The great advantage of hosting the night in Ballarat was the leisurely and short distance between all attractions. With…

Memories of Polish childhood Snow under my feet poem poetry ballarat Aldona polska zima polish winter biezen

Snow under my feet

last couple of days soo much admin my eyes dancing to achieve is so mundane right now still much work to do in this world I have barely scratched its surface   last night walking the dog as usual who has more fun: me or her shoes left at home, you must try it walk…

We R You Ballarat Street art paste up

Ballarat faces

Time to post all Ballarat faces from WeRYou mural project again. Ballarat has been changing fast, is more progressive and open, to everyone. It has attracted a whole bunch of vibrancy. What’s so special? People. And the history. Pre, during and after Gold rush. It has been inclusive. The word ‘Ballarat’ is derived from local Wathaurong Aboriginal…

Clunes Art canvas print Photography Mindfulness Aldona Kmiec Fields Clunes Archival Digital C-Type (chromogenic) matt print by Polish-Australian artist Aldona Kmiec

The Art of Mindful Photography

Taking photos improves your mental health Everyone deals with mental or emotional struggles at one time or another in our lives. The world isn’t what it used to be. Stress from work, anxiety or a mental illness are common so it helps to take time to refocus and gain perspective. One tool I use to…

Tasmania Wall Clock Interior Design_Aldona Kmiec Artist Ballarat

Everyday Art

If you just like me surround yourself with unique finds, here’s an online art store full of cool art products you might want to consider for your home interior. MILKA, a photo wall clock and TASMANIA Shower Curtain from last year’s road trip around TAS. Plenty more Everyday Art to make you smile in my online…

Street Photography Workshop – your images

Street Photography Workshop – your images Few months ago I ran Street Photography Workshops in Ballarat. Workshop participants were asked to go out and photograph as many people as they could in their given time. Some returned with several portraits and some have really struggled to approach a complete stranger on a street let alone…

Slow living Czerwony Akordeon Red piano accordion East Gippsland landscape Aldona Kmiec Polish Artist Photographer

Never stop learning but learn to stop

Time to relax… phones and cameras away. Never stop learning but learn to stop. Thank you. Have a great Christmas, a happy New Year, I look forward to catching up again in 2017. I’ll be open again sometime soon – see you then… Aldi x

Dog experiment Creativity and Art is as fragile as a feather Aldona Kmiec Photography

Dog experiment

Dog experiment story from the book I’m currently reading.. There’s an important study that gives insight into women’s loss of self-protective instinct. In the early 1960s, experimental psychologist Martin Seligman, Ph.D., and others conducted animal experiments to determine something about the “flight instinct” in humans. In one experiment they wired half of the bottom of a…