Balancing Act Mother Aldona Kmiec Art Installation BOAA Mining Exchange

BOAA Art Camp

BOAA Art Camp installation Mining Exchange Ballarat During the 2018 BOAA  – Ballarat Biennale of Australian Art artist residency I’m exploring the theme of resilience. Anyone is invited to be part of this conversation. Listen to the audio played on loop, have your comments recorded or written down on the photo mural. Thank you to…

Capturing the Light in Architecture Photography Ballarat Airbnb photography

Airbnb Photography

Capturing the Light in Architecture Photography When it comes to capturing the light when photographing spaces, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of attention to detail and clear focus. Like with most things, the more effort you put in, the more reward you will get out of your work. And light is something you cannot…

Inertia Head in Sand photo Feelings of Inertia Musings of a Visual Artist


It has gotten to me. Inertia. I can’t sleep. Photography exhibition project in the pipeline and I crumble like no tomorrow. The comforting thing is, I’m not alone to anxiety, in fact everyone goes through more or less similar experience. But how debilitating is it?!!! Correct. I feel like a heavy bucket of sand today.…

Gippsland Street Art Bairnsdale All of Us Bairnsdale East Gippsland paste up

Gippsland Street Art

East Gippsland cultural diversity in an art project All of Us – Gippsland Street Art in Bairnsdale With huge thanks to East Gippsland Shire Council Andrea, Mark, our printer Cathleen and local participants! Enjoy! Hope local schools will pick up this idea. All of Us Posters, Bairnsdale

Sailors Grave brewery photos Orbost East Gippsland AldonaKmiecPhotography

Sailors Grave Brewery Photos East Gippsland

Sailors Grave Brewery photos Client: East Gippsland Shire Council for The Deep Winter Festival     East Gippsland Shire Council has commissioned me to photograph and document over 25 East Gippsland businesses and provide extensive image library for various use on Council websites, social media and event pages. The photos were also used in various…

Wimmera Nights Aldona Kmiec Artist photographic prints Australia Australian road trip Lake Hindmarsh

RAT Gallery presents – Mercure Hotel Ballarat exhibition

RAT Gallery presents… Mixed Blessings – The Great Art Scare exhibition WHERE: Mercure Hotel & Convention Centre, 613 Main Road, Ballarat WHEN: Thursday, 7 June to Sunday, 8 July 2018 OPENING NIGHT: from 6pm on Thursday, 7 June 2018 The Ballarat Courier: https://www.thecourier.com.au/story/5445804/new-gallery-of-mixed-blessings-for-artists Mixed Blessings is an exciting exhibition of work by 12 artists from Ballarat and district, convened…

East Gippsland Images Art Gallery: Land Water Sky Exhibition Ray Thomas, Charlotte (Penny) Hood, Ronald Edwards Pepper, Steaphan Paton

East Gippsland Images

Always wanted to capture the bats and here they are! East Gippsland Gallery in Bairnsdale. Current exhibition Land Water Sky presented by East Gippsland Art Gallery in partnership with East Gippsland Shire Council, acknowledges the cultural contribution of Aboriginal people in this region. It features work of important indigenous artists like Ray Thomas, Ronald Edwards-Pepper…

Art Jigsaw Puzzles Cafe in Soler cafe scene Jigsaw puzzle Colour

Art Jigsaw Puzzles

You can now shop my curated selection of prints, and exclusive photo jigsaw art from the comfort of your own home Small, colourful, meditative Art Jigsaw puzzle My unique product range features art jigsaw puzzles made of found vintage silver gelatin prints, and modern photography  jigsaw puzzles with unique photography from around Australia and the…

The view from the East Ballarat Photography Migration and Art Faces of migration Aldona Kmiec Ballarat London traveller pan exposure

The view from the East

East and West, or in between, these words seem to succinctly describe my life. I was born in the communism era of late seventies and eighties in Poland. It was tough. Growing up, I was noticing that people around me have always desired change, yet not always acted on their instinct because sometimes they just…

In the process of healing Ballarat family photography by Aldona Kmiec Artist installation Ballarat Convent Tamil Family Ballarat

Ballarat photography – Art Awards Finalist

Yay! Ballarat photography on show again! In the Process of Healing exhibition has been chosen for the Contemporary Art Awards as a finalist. In the Process of Healing is an immersive installation of photography, sound and space. Photographed in Ballarat’s old mining suburb of Black Hill, it tells a story of hope and survival of a local refugee…

Ballarat Architecture Photography Ballarat Civic Hall study Aldona Kmiec Artist front facade Aldona Kmiec Artist

Ballarat Civic Hall study

The neglected and controversial Ballarat Civic Hall site sits empty in January 2018 before it undergoes an $8 million refurbishment to return the building to its former glory. These are probably last photographs of this building intact. As a long term Ballarat resident, I find an immense joy in mapping out and photographing the city…

Family Portrait Photography Sweet Creative and Lots of Fun!

Family Portrait Photography

Family Portrait Photography that is fun, candid and natural Many people feel really self-conscious in front of the camera and often remark “I hate having my picture taken.” It’s completely normal so my job is to make your photoshoot remarkable, help you focus on what you’re good at and not how bad you feel about…