Always wanted to capture the bats and here they are! East Gippsland Gallery in Bairnsdale. Current exhibition Land Water Sky presented by East Gippsland Art Gallery in partnership with East Gippsland Shire Council, acknowledges the cultural contribution of Aboriginal people in this region. It features work of important indigenous artists like Ray Thomas, Ronald Edwards-Pepper and Charlotte (Penny) Hood (1956 – 2017). Land Water Sky also presents the acclaimed short film Boorun’s Canoe by Steaphan Paton and Cameron Cope.

Photographed at the opening event 5.30 pm Friday 20 April, exhibition open 19 April- 09 June 2018

East Gippsland Images Art Gallery: Land Water Sky Exhibition Ray Thomas, Charlotte (Penny) Hood, Ronald Edwards Pepper, Steaphan Paton
Bats flying above the East Gippsland Art Gallery in Bairnsdale Photo: Aldona Kmiec
East Gippsland Images Koorie Art Gallery exhibition Aldona Kmiec
East Gippsland Art Gallery Photo: Aldona Kmiec