backyard tasters ballarat Container art exhibition Ballarat Backyard Tasters event

Ballarat Backyard Tasters event photography

Art events Ballarat Last Backyard Tasters Ballarat Event March 21, 2014 Check out the event photography gallery of last night photos at M.A.D.E and the launch of a shipping Container ContainART project. Ballarat Backyard Tasters art events series commissioned by Arts & Culture City of Ballarat. Related articles Simply Fabulous! Ballarat Backyard Tasters event Ballarat…

Ballarat event photography Backyard Tasters event

Ballarat Backyard Tasters IV

Ballarat art event photography Ballarat Backyard Tasters art events series commissioned by Arts & Culture City of Ballarat. Event March 14, 2014 Check out the gallery of last night photos for 2014 Ballarat Backyard Tasters events series commissioned by Arts & Culture City of Ballarat. Related articles Ballarat Backyard Tasters IV Ballarat Backyard Tasters III Simply…

Valanga Khoza Trio

Ballarat Backyard Tasters III

Ballarat art event photography 7 March 2014 Featuring South African township vibes by Valanga Khoza Trio, consummate storyteller and musician, Andrea Khoza & The Secrets, Stella Savvy and Aurora Jane.  Ballarat Backyard Tasters art events series were commissioned by Arts & Culture City of Ballarat.

Ballarat event gallery Backyard Tasters event photography Aldona Kmiec

Ballarat Backyard Tasters II

Ballarat event gallery 28 Feb 2014 Check out the gallery of last Friday’s Ballarat Backyard Tasters events commissioned by Arts & Culture Creative City of Ballarat. This event featured: Alek, a French professional hurdy-gurdy player, Los Locos, Living Arrows, Jacques The French Waiter and more.   Related articles Ballarat Backyard Tasters III Ballarat Backyard Tasters…

Kofi Kunkpe African Drummers Ballarat Backyard Tasters event Aldona Kmiec Photography for City of Ballarat

Ballarat Backyard Tasters event

African drummers, Ballarat Events Photography Ballarat art event photography 21 Feb 2014 First of the Ballarat Backyard Tasters art events series commissioned by Arts & Culture City of Ballarat. All came together at last night’s first of 2014 Ballarat Backyard Tasters events. There was African drumming from Kofi Kunkpe and the African Diaspora, soul singing…

Valentines Day Coffee Heart shaped 'Cascara’ - the pulp of the coffee cherries

Coffee cherry tea

it is for real G!!! coffee cherry tea I got a gift from a friend some time ago, ‘Cascara’ – the pulp of the coffee cherries. Because not many people know what it is, so here’s more info. Coffee cherry tea is a herbal tea made from the dried berries (or “cherries”) of the coffee plant. It is also known as cascara, from…

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Next Gen Awards

Next Gen Fine Art Gallery Ballarat | 7 Feb 2014   Saturday, January 25, 2014 – Sunday, March 23, 2014, 10:00 AM – 5:00PM Timken, Mars and Selkirk Family galleries and the Lydiard Street windows Admission: Free http://www.artgalleryofballarat.com.au/explore-and-experience/exhibitions/next-gen-2014.aspx Next Gen 2014 showcases the work of students who have just completed Year 12 VCE studies in Art,…

Collecting Fine Art Photography Two workers smoking cigarettes Ohio Bridge steel construction vintage prints collection Aldona Kmiec Photography

Vintage Prints Online

Ohio bridge construction workers Don’t you just love digging in the archives.. Some time ago I purchased an old dusty box of gelatine prints at Kittelty’s auction in Ballarat. Here’s one of my favourites: Ohio Bridge construction workers, smoking cigarettes, dressed in heavy winter clothing, stained gloves, tough as that steel.  

Krystian Herba Polish Athlete Eueka Tower Melbourne

Krystian Herba Guinness World Record

Extreme sports Polish athlete breaks a World Guinness Record MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 04, 2014: Krystian Herba, a Polish stunt cyclist with his wife Natalia Herba as she holds their daughter Emilia after Krystian Herba jumped up the steps of Eureka Tower on a bicycle to break a Guinness World Record at Eureka Tower on February…

Aldona Kmiec Ballarat Portrait Photographer Home The Design Files

Best ever workspace

Kitchen table Not possible to ever get bored with red! My favourite workspace: rustic kitchen table, plenty of light, NBN internet & garden at the back. That’s where it starts & ends. It lasts.

Under the Floorboards – final

Under the Floorboards VIEW THE ARTIST CATALOGUE  UnitingCare Ballarat completed a unique artistic project, Under the Floorboards, with 12 artists in residence during 2012-2013. Under the Floorboards was a collaborative project where renowned Western District artists created works based on their experiences at one of the diverse programs provided by UnitingCare Ballarat. UnitingCare Ballarat has…

Spanish Fiest Johnston Street Melbourne street photography There’s nowhere to go but to yourself

There’s nowhere to go but to yourself

Dear Friends 24th December is a day of reflections. On that day in Poland, we fast and we reflect on the past, we’re focused on contemplating on what’s happened in our lives during that year. Later we celebrate the first star in the sky and share a (non-meat) supper together. Marina Abramovic ‘…there’s nowhere to…

Aldona Kmiec Artist Under the Floorboards Uniting Care mosaic portrait artwork Aldona Kmiec

We Are To Inspire Poem

Dr George Halasz is a Psychiatrist, Author & Speaker. Dr Halasz has lectured in Australia and overseas at conferences, conducted workshops and participated on a range of panels. In 2005 he co-ordinated a group of psychology Facilitators on the Adult March of the Living 2005 to the concentration camps of Poland. He has visited the Ballarat exhibition and wrote…

Eureka Family Day Kids Photography MADE Museum of Democracy Ballarat

Family Eureka Day @MADE

The public exhibition / display of photographs will run for two weeks starting on ‘Eureka Day’ Tue 3rd December until 16th December. M.A.D.E  is providing each individual photographed today with one complimentary (FREE) full colour print of the photograph. Thank you so much to all who participated. The 30 ‘hero’ images will be displayed at…

2013 CCP Salon Competition Melbourne Centre of Contemporary Photography Aldona Kmiec Photography Ballarat

CCP Leica Salon Winner 2013

The Centre for Contemporary Photography CCP Salon 2013 opened last night and my photo ‘iShadow, 2012’ was awarded Third Drawer Down Most Humorous Image prize. This is the first time I took part in CCP Salon. I’m really happy that a Ballarat photo won something this year!! Opening the exhibition, Minister of the Arts Heidi Victoria mentioned Ballarat Foto Biennale a…

Things to do Ballarat Australia Shopping Photos Lifestyle Images

Promo images Ballarat lifestyle

Ballarat Lifestyle The Ballarat region is attracting more and more attention for its diverse range of amenities- from shopping to food and unique places to visit. Great lifestyle photo shoot today in downtown Ballarat! Thanks to Amy & Nathan, how cool do they look! Images will soon appear around town, but psst.. The Ballarat region is…