We R You Faces of harmony fest ballarat

We R You and Harmony Fest Ballarat

All of us… …was the theme for the 3rd Harmony Fest Ballarat held yesterday in Camp Street. Organised by the City of Ballarat Harmony Fest event featured a great synergy of music, dance, food and diversity of cultures bringing ¬†5000 visitors for five hours of events. Food included Thai, Africa, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, French‚Ķ

Backspace Gallery Ballarat My Australia Invitation Aldona Kmiec Photography

My Australia

Photography Exhibition & Open Studio Aldona Kmiec is¬†a¬†Polish¬†born¬†public artist, professional¬†photographer and Multicultural¬†Ambassador¬†of Ballarat. “My Australia is one outcome of Aldona Kmiec‚Äôs ongoing inquiry into the nature and meaning of ‚Äėmulticulturalism‚Äô in contemporary Australian society. Working with local culturally diverse communities, Aldona creates images that are sometimes straightforward and at other times atmospheric and abstract. Taken‚Ķ

We R You photography workshops ballarat

We R You – how we learn

We R You¬† – photography workshops around Ballarat You might have already seen our first public building¬†transformed¬†into an outdoor exhibition space. The¬†makeover¬†of the¬†Blockbuster¬†video building corner Mair/Camp street is now out for public to see (and judge). The public reaction have met our expectations ¬†– there were generally very positive and uplifting comments like: ‘I drove‚Ķ

Sneak peek: Cam & Jen’s Art Deco wedding

Sneak Peek wedding photos Melbourne wedding photographer¬†Aldona Kmiec One of the best things about editing wedding images is just the couple that sum up the whole day. Here are two that stood out for me… It’s a true privilege to witness the act of love. Happy Life together guys! Suit: Ben Sherman Hat: an 1950s‚Ķ

Fine Art Portrait Photographers Ballarat Melbourne

Shooting Fine Art Portraits: Ajit Narsi

Commissioned work for¬†Central Highland Arts Atlas Fine Art Portraits Photography ‚ÄúSay Cheese‚ÄĚ!! Nothing worse than those words when the camera is pointed your way. That‚Äôs why these words aren‚Äôt often in my photography vocab. I sometimes¬†use the same word in my native Polish language which sounds exotic, or wait.¬†Personal¬†connection with¬†the subject¬†is perhaps the¬†only¬†method of capturing‚Ķ

We R You prints paste up photography portrait Ballarat

We R You prints

We R You Project Update – Large photography prints are ready! Yesterday we received our final batch of large format photography prints from our project partners QuickPrint! They are really big and look amazing!! It’s exciting to see what a little camera and a talented eye of our project participant can create. We are now‚Ķ

Glamour photo booth ballarat

Amie Br√Ľl√©e Red Jazz Trio

Friday shootouts Look who was passing by our lens during We R You paste-up photo project ¬†session last week… Amie Br√Ľl√©e from Red Jazz Trio. So we took some shots in old Ballarat lane-ways… Oh, the sun! Thanks for posing Amie!! “The Red Jazz Trio is a lovely bunch of musicians. Three to be precise.‚Ķ

Corporate headshot

Melbourne Ballarat Corporate Headshots Photographer   corporate headshot photography Photography. Design. Print. I offer a fully personalised mobile and studio based portrait service in Central Ballarat. I use full sensor high resolution photographic equipment. I consult with you about the photo style prior to the shoot to ensure that the portraits suit your needs when‚Ķ

Women Corporate headshots Ballarat Melbourne Corporate Photography

Corporate headshots

Corporate Headshots Photography | Melbourne Ballarat Never underestimate the importance of setting yourself apart with unique and stylish imagery and be true to your own style. It’s one of the best business investments you can make. Explore my business photography packages below. Business Launch¬† – Your first Business Branding Package This business branding package is‚Ķ

WE R You paste ups street art Ballarat

We R You paste up Project kicks off!

Ballarat community photography collage poster We R You Community Engagement project  WHO               We R You is an initiative of the CoB Arts & Culture Unit, involving partnerships with community and Council agencies across Ballarat. Those providing letters of support and participation include: Victorian Police CoB Community Safety Committee Ballarat Health Refugee Support Group Рparticipation…

Under the Floorboards – thoughts and work progress

Everything you create is a reflection of you If you don’t have a personal connection to the story, it might not work out at all. ¬†You‚Äôre only going to tell the best stories when you can connect with them. This is so true. It was always clear to me that if I didn’t connect with‚Ķ