Memories of Polish childhood Snow under my feet poem poetry ballarat Aldona polska zima polish winter biezen

Snow under my feet

last couple of days soo much admin my eyes dancing to achieve is so mundane right now still much work to do in this world I have barely scratched its surface   last night walking the dog as usual who has more fun: me or her shoes left at home, you must try it walk…

We R You Ballarat Street art paste up

Ballarat faces

Time to post all Ballarat faces from WeRYou mural project again. Ballarat has been changing fast, is more progressive and open, to everyone. It has attracted a whole bunch of vibrancy. What’s so special? People. And the history. Pre, during and after Gold rush. It has been inclusive. The word ‘Ballarat’ is derived from local Wathaurong Aboriginal…

Clunes Art canvas print Photography Mindfulness Aldona Kmiec Fields Clunes Archival Digital C-Type (chromogenic) matt print by Polish-Australian artist Aldona Kmiec

The Art of Mindful Photography

Taking photos improves your mental health Everyone deals with mental or emotional struggles at one time or another in our lives. The world isn’t what it used to be. Stress from work, anxiety or a mental illness are common so it helps to take time to refocus and gain perspective. One tool I use to…

Tasmania Wall Clock Interior Design_Aldona Kmiec Artist Ballarat

Everyday Art

If you just like me surround yourself with unique finds, here’s an online art store full of cool art products you might want to consider for your home interior. MILKA, a photo wall clock and TASMANIA Shower Curtain from last year’s road trip around TAS. Plenty more Everyday Art to make you smile in my online…

Street Photography Workshop – your images

Street Photography Workshop – your images Few months ago I ran Street Photography Workshops in Ballarat. Workshop participants were asked to go out and photograph as many people as they could in their given time. Some returned with several portraits and some have really struggled to approach a complete stranger on a street let alone…

Slow living Czerwony Akordeon Red piano accordion East Gippsland landscape Aldona Kmiec Polish Artist Photographer

Never stop learning but learn to stop

Time to relax… phones and cameras away. Never stop learning but learn to stop. Thank you. Have a great Christmas, a happy New Year, I look forward to catching up again in 2017. I’ll be open again sometime soon – see you then… Aldi x

Dog experiment Creativity and Art is as fragile as a feather Aldona Kmiec Photography

Dog experiment

Dog experiment story from the book I’m currently reading.. There’s an important study that gives insight into women’s loss of self-protective instinct. In the early 1960s, experimental psychologist Martin Seligman, Ph.D., and others conducted animal experiments to determine something about the “flight instinct” in humans. In one experiment they wired half of the bottom of a…

Bridge in Hampstead Heath London Red shoes cinderella fairytale bridge Hamstead Heath London Artist Aldona Kmiec Polish

Red shoes

‘Red shoes’ poem by Anne Sexton I stand in the ring in the dead city and tie on the red shoes… They are not mine. They are my mother’s. Her mother’s before. Handed down like an heirloom but hidden like shameful letters. The house and the street where they belong are hidden and all the…

Portrait Collaboration Simon M-Rock Perisphone Kerr (detail) 2016 pencil and Posca pen on cotton watercolour paper

Portrait Collaboration with Simon M-Rock

In December 2015 Ballarat-based illustrator Simon Mroczkowski, also known as M-Rock has approached me and a fellow Ballarat artist Sylvia Hollis to collaborate on a book project. He was after low key studio photographs that would create a background for some of his illustrations. A year later and Simon kept his deadline and now his…

Forum Event Photography

Event Photography Flexible Learning Forum in Ballarat HLLEN creates learning opportunities for youth. Through genuine partnerships they successfully engage youth in our communities in education, training or employment. Read more on:

BAF Eureka Art Award & Exhibition

Ballarat Arts Foundation Eureka Art Award 2016 Wed 23 Nov – Sat 24 Dec 2016 Please join me for the announcement of the $2,500 Eureka Art Award and exhibition opening on Thu 24 Nov 2016 @5.30, for 6pm. Winner announced by Anthony Camm, Director, Ararat Regional Art Gallery. Guest speaker, Dr Lisa Anderson, Adjunct Professor, Arts…

Photography Gift Voucher Ballarat PHOTOGRAPHY Gift Voucher online

Gift Vouchers

Photography Gift Voucher Life is moments. Learn to capture it well. It’s sometimes as simple as to sit down with someone who can teach you. Ask one of my students, Kerry from Sebastopol. She learnt so much about her camera in just one hour. After she left, I sat there for a moment and I…

SHAC Ballarat Picture This Exhibition

Picture This! Exhibition

Picture This! is an exciting Art Exhibition by SHAC – Soldiers Hill Arts Collective opening on November 12th 6pm at Fairbanks Gallery in Ballarat. My photographic landscape print on canvas titled ‘Fields’ taken at a location just outside of Clunes during Jessica Andersen’s photoshoot is probably one of the biggest artworks in the show measuring 130cm lengthwise.…

Fields Clunes Aldona Kmiec Photography Australian Landscape Prints

Polish Art Foundation, Victorian Artists Society

Polish Arts Foundation (PAF) members are presenting another exhibition called Impressions. Victorian Artists Society Gallery 430 Albert St, East Melbourne Gallery Hours 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday 1pm – 4pm Saturday – Sunday Exhibition Dates 10 November – 15 November 2016 15 November 10am – 2pm only

The art of Photography books The Key Concepts By David Bate Photography book Aldona Kmiec Ballarat

Useful Photography Books

Here’s a list of useful Art of Photography Books you may find helpful in your art practice. The list was collated by my former photography tutor from London Metropolitan University, Merlin Hendy back in 2005 Historical & Contextual Useful Photography Books Art Photography Books Author Published Title Publisher Adams, Robert 1996 Why People Photograph Aperture Adams,…