Artist Statement

“In the grey monochrome of lockdown, constrained by rules and restrictions, my creative energy went stagnant. Until one afternoon, I closed the door to my studio, and something bloomed. A rebellion of colour, movement and fluidity. Dancing, moving and playing again, I felt a connection forming; a bridge to my hidden self.”

I’d like to invite you to explore the boundaries of your imagination, and to embrace the power of creativity and resilience in Winterbloom, my new series of visually captivating long-exposure photographs.

These vivid and dynamic self-portraits were taken amidst the depths of winter during COVID-19 lockdowns when our movements were limited and we were effectively stuck inside. Yet, it was precisely within these constraints that I discovered my freedom – freedom of colour, freedom of movement, and freedom of my creative spirit. I moved, I danced, and these abstracted portraits captured a change in what I was feeling.

These images are also an act of creative rebellion against the prevailing selfie culture of social media. In a world inundated with self-images that often perpetuate destructive influences, I sought to create self-portraits that emanate a positive aura of self-love. They are my declaration of independence from the shadows of the past that once dominated my youth.

In Winterbloom, you will find a narrative of transformation and empowerment. It is an invitation to embrace the vibrant self-expression, and celebrate resilience. 

Shot with a digital camera, single frame and long-exposure technique.

Ballarat Foto Biennale Core Program exhibition currently on show at RACV Goldfields Resort Gallery 1500 Midland Highway, Creswick in partnership with RACV Visual Arts.

26 August – 3 December 2023 | Times: Daily, 10am–5pm