Artist Statement

Submerged in their own worlds, dreams are reluctant subjects to photograph. Sometimes a dream image materialises and we catch a glimpse of that other world. Sometimes these images emerge thanks to the people we encounter, or the places we visit. There is something magical in attempts to capture slices of these dreams as they appear in our day-to-day landscape. Dreamscapes seek to capture the personalities of my artistic friends against the inner world of dreams. What I’m seeking is more than just an image, it is a keyhole which leads to another world.

Dreamscapes are Aldona Kmiec’s new photographic series. Aldona’s use of photography brings the viewer a unique dreamscape perspective of the Australian landscape and explores the feminine psyche.

Limited edition photographs of staged performances with romantic scenes of local art heroes emerging from an ever-changing landscape are part of the Dreamscapes series. Elusive unicorn in a dreamlike walk on the beach, lion-hearted medieval knight courageously facing what’s ahead of him and an angel being swept away by the unknown dark forces.

“In Dreamscapes I’m giving you a hint of of artist’s personality through a character they’re playing and exploring how the landscape can influence feelings and personal connections with the land. The work also explores the masculine and feminine side of us, humans”.

The Ballarat Courier article