Art On The Block.

I am excited. The fifteenth season of Channel Nine’s popular renovation show has returned! I am pleased that my limited edition fine art photographic print ‘Unicorns Are Real’ (2015) struck a chord with the rebel couple, Jesse and Mel.  Jesse is known for having a bit of an attitude and giving everyone around him a good stir.  I can relate to his spirit of rebellion. I am very curious to know why the couple chose my piece to decorate the newly renovated Oslo Hotel in St Kilda. The show went to air in Aug 4th with my piece being shown on Sunday 3rd November. I might even find out the reason for their selection, and I am very excited to see what the pair have done with the place!

A Real Dream.

Reading the article about this season’s The Block, something Jesse said has resonated with me. It makes me think I understand their choice. The show is a dream come true for Jesse and Mel. First of all, Jesse has wanted to be on the show since he was a child. So, for me, this seems uncanny, because to be an artist is a bit like having a dream like a unicorn. Secondly, I have read that the mythical creature is said to be uncatchable. But, as it turns out, after working away at it for a long time, my dream, my unicorn, is real.  

A Big Deal.

The Block’s latest project intrigues me too. After doing some research, I found that the Oslo Hotel itself also has a dream-like history. It was built by an unknown architect in 1859. Its Grey Street location (38E Grey St, St Kilda, VIC 3182) was a highly prestigious Melbourne hangout, before it later became to be known at the red-light district. The Block renovation is set to be spectacular, because it is the largest renovation ever to be tackled by their contestants. I’m excited to see how my photographic unicorn dreamscape fits in with Jesse and Mel’s renovation at the site. 

The Block Shop

Other than turning dilapidated buildings into new developments on reality television, The Block are doing something else with the art that is exciting. I’m selling the Unicorn artwork directly from my Artist shop here and in their online art gallery, The Block Shop. Whereas many of my peers and colleagues are losing heart because the traditional commercial galleries are doing it tough, I am looking forward to a new audience who will be seeing my work for the first time on The Block Shop. There are still some prints left in the limited edition run of ‘Unicorns Are Real’ chosen by Jesse and Mel. The full range of my fine artworks is available for purchase directly from the Artist here. Check it out x

Unicorns are real ALDONA KMIEC artist JESSE AND MEL The Block St KildaUnicorns are real ALDONA KMIEC artist JESSE AND MEL Art on The Block St Kilda