Photography Exhibition & Open Studio

Backspace Gallery Ballarat My Australia Photography exhibition Invitation Aldona Kmiec Professional Photography

Aldona Kmiec is a Polish born public artist, professional photographer and Multicultural Ambassador of Ballarat.

“My Australia is one outcome of Aldona Kmiec’s ongoing inquiry into the nature and meaning of ‘multiculturalism’ in contemporary Australian society. Working with local culturally diverse communities, Aldona creates images that are sometimes straightforward and at other times atmospheric and abstract. Taken together, her body of work is a narrative about identity, the isolation people can feel as the ‘other’ in a community, the simultaneous joy of discovery and the dislocation experienced when moving between cultures, and the determination for recognition as both human and professional in the face of one’s perceived differences.” Voice FM

My Australia photography exhibition draws together a collection of Kmiec’s work exploring multiculturalism in this country, with a live open studio installation capturing the varied faces of those that visit. Meet and talk with the artist, be photographed or photograph yourself via remote camera control and become part of the picture that is Australia.

A Note From Aldona: “Being a migrant, I constantly ask myself questions about my experience in Australia. After living here and there, I am happy to find a place where community spirit is strong and healthy. Fascinated by portraiture and my community work with people, I want to find out what Australia means to You. Join me in my temporary photographic studio @ Backspace Gallery Ballarat, to share in the stories and faces of this place.

Admission: FREE
Photography exhibition
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