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You take a holiday snap photo on your first camera you could ever afford that ends up on your wall ten years later! That’s more or less the story behind my Cafe in Soler image, now a wall mural.

The photo was taken during holidays in Majorca in 2005. Walking past as an unassuming tourist, I saw this cafe in a coastal city of Soler. I stopped as I couldn’t believe the beautiful light pattern created by the sun. I took a photo of this beautiful scene and continued walking. When I got home and loaded my images into a larger screen, I then uncovered how beautiful and natural this scene was. The photo and this memory will stay with me forever, mounted on the wall as a high quality photo wallpaper.

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Cafe in Soler Aldona Kmiec Photography Ballarat mural art

Photographic Mural Art Ballarat Aldona Kmiec Photography Melbourne Sydney Gippsland

Photographic Murals are an amazing way to change the ambience of your space! Printed on high quality satin fabric, photo murals are easy to install and can be repositioned and reused without damaging your wall or the mural. They look best on walls with plenty of natural light and can cover an unattractive window view.

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