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Professional photography is a must for any Airbnb property listing. Professional images help your future guests visualise your Airbnb property’s unique space and help you to showcase your listing in the most attractive way.

Capturing the Light

When it comes to photographing your Airbnb property, the natural light and professional photos are everything. Like with most things, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of something. And light is something you cannot control but work with.

Hiring a Professional

Professional photography will allow your beautiful property to be captured in the best way possible. Photographers have both the experience and technical know-how to make your listing standout with the photos they take. Good photographer will make sure all boxes are ticked and images are relevant and visually appealing.

Local Airbnb Case Study

Below are a few takes from a beautiful Airbnb accommodation property, Lightshift Clunes in Clunes. My client’s brief was to capture the light and soul of the property, including the owners’ candid portraits. The new property offered plenty of opportunities for stunning photography, including outdoors: rolling hills and landscapes surrounding the property and indoors: thoughtfully designed and styled holiday accommodation, showing off the layout, the feel and amenities to prospective guests.

Here’s what the owners have said:

“Aldona was fantastic to work with. She was focused, yet open to ideas and suggestions, constantly checking in with me and my requirements. I’m so happy with the photos and have received fantastic feedback from everyone I’ve showed them to. Aldona went above and beyond in satisfying the brief and I really hope I get to work with her again one day.” Vanessa, Clunes Airbnb owner HOUZZ review

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Australian Airbnb Photography Tips Aldona Kmiec architecture images
Professional Ballarat Airbnb Photography

Australia Airbnb photography art aldona kmiec architecture

Airbnb Photography Tips Interior design
Lightshift Clunes

red leather Airbnb Photography interior styling

Airbnb Photography Clunes images by Aldona Kmiec

Airbnb Photography with passive house design

Airbnb Photography owner portrait in the Kitchen view

Airbnb Photography Meals area with table pan movement
Airbnb Photography soft orange woollen blanket interior design
Lightshift Clunes

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