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Do you want to know the best way to learn photography? Or you’re still trying to figure out the best way to learn digital photography. And if you have the camera, are you actually capturing what you want? Don’t let those moments slip by. Find out how to learn photography with DSLR camera to capture the world around you. 

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Ballarat Photography Mentor and Professional Photographer Aldona Kmiec

How to learn photography

Is photography hard to learn? Not if you have an experienced photography mentor, a casual photo teacher or if you can access your photo lessons online. That way you can easily learn photography at home.

Photography is without a doubt, the art form of the modern day. Most people have access to a camera and simple, high level editing software has exploded the photography market. Due to all this, a new generation of amateur photographers starting their new photo businesses, in numbers greater than ever before. But for those who want to just learn photography without starting a business, do they need photography school?

Teaching any kind of creative discipline is always personal, especially if it involves people’s personal ideals and money. In this day and age where so many career photographers struggle to get paid work – do you need the formal training to stay competitive over the millions of images on Instagram? First it’s important to figure out why you want to learn the skills. Second, figure out if you’ll make better progress by hiring a photography teacher or asking an experienced photographer to mentor you.

​Regardless of what you want to achieve with your photography, here are some sure ways to improve your skills without paying for a degree.

  1. Get familiar with your camera
  2. Watch online tutorials
  3. Read photography books (+ online portfolios)
  4. Carry a small camera with you, everywhere
  5. Practice, practice and practice!
  6. Expand your photography network
  7. Get a photography mentor

And if you are interested in learning photography, do not hesitate to get in touch. My digital photography lessons are available in Ballarat and Melbourne.

Explore and Learn about our Photography Courses:

  1. 1:1 photography lessons provide personalised tuition allowing you to learn at your own speed
  2. Lessons are available for all levels from the beginner to the serious enthusiast
  3. Photography lessons include both technical and practical components and can be tailored to your individual needs you’d like to focus on. A mix of theory and practice in our lessons allows you to put your new skills to use every time you walk out of the door
  4. Participants will receive a branded fast speed 16GB USB 3.0 to store their photos (valued at $25)
  5. Photography lessons can be arranged on any day at any time (subject to availability)
  6. Flexible locations
  7. Gift Vouchers available here

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