Last Installation of We R You Faces – completed

Ballarat: You are awesome! Public art Ballarat! Get down to Bakery Hill to see 29 metres of posters. Find your face and most importantly please keep the public art discussion going! Without your input, consistency and new ideas it won’t happen.

Our biggest We R You Faces outdoor space – SportsBiz wall in Bridge Mall (29 metres) now features 25 large format portrait of people from our community. The posters will change from time to time, so we can make sure everyone photographed gets their turn.

Social media is very powerful so keep sharing! Do you like the dynamic change in the environment, how do you feel about the faces up in public? Would you like to see more permanent outdoor exhibitions like this one? Join the discussion, express your ideas, share with others, provide your feedback by active participation. Without you, the walls are empty, walls get tagged.

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A comment just came through:

“I agree awareness is the key ……. Leave it alone , it looks great and a better look for the town now.”