Dr George Halasz is a Psychiatrist, Author & Speaker. Dr Halasz has lectured in Australia and overseas at conferences, conducted workshops and participated on a range of panels. In 2005 he co-ordinated a group of psychology Facilitators on the Adult March of the Living 2005 to the concentration camps of Poland.

He has visited the Ballarat exhibition and wrote a poem inspired by my portraits. Thank you.

Under the Floorboards mosaic artworks Aldona Kmiec Ballarat Artist Aldona Kmiec Artist Under the Floorboards Uniting Care mosaic portrait artwork Aldona Kmiec



You inspire
by what you do

you sprinkle inspiration
on experiences remote,
oh so far, beckoning them

…come back

to orbit in my proximity,
moments of intimate vicinity…

Your inspiration sets alight
sights and sounds
lifting my darkened soul
from turmoil, unwitnessed,
moments ruptured,
left unaugmented,
fated to be eternally

Your inspiration’s refrain
‘we’re all fragmented’
restores even scars
of critical barbs
that had cut to my core

Olympian dissociations

Your images and sounds
inspire moments
of epic relocation

Once more my senses
in currents dare flow
against the currents of gravity
fragmented, emotional force fields
muted, suspended.

Your inspiration
these vitality rhythms restore
to their rightful resting place,
the serenity of my soul

I’ve said what I had to
So I’ll say no more
but merely introduce
you to the two reflections…
inspired by …Aldona Kmiec and Leonard Cohen