I’m shooting hundreds of images weekly at the moment, which is nothing new. The trouble is to stay on top of it. Most of them to go on the background of the mosaic portrait. The weather has not been great at all to start with, but I was lucky enough to be working inside this week.

I spent a full day helping out at the Light Lounge Uniting Care opportunity shop – sorting the donations from large bags coming from the huge sorting centre somewhere else in Ballarat which I’m still yet to see; pricing out clothes, bric a brac and other items and serving customers on the till. Today I wanted to just help and get the day flowing with conversations. There are so many donations each week so many volunteers helping with the daily operations. Some of the clothes donations are unfortunately too dirty or too worn out, other are selling like hot buns! The shop has a great reputation thanks to the lovely volunteers here and they’ve told me interesting stories like this one: one day there was a customer who was browsing through the shop for quite some time and when he finally approached the counter he kept asking many questions about the Uniting Care, how long has it served Ballarat region, what its operations were,  who comes to Uniting Care etc etc He then took his wallet out and made a donation. Volunteers here also act as Uniting Care advocates. 

For more information on The Light Lounge please read my previous post.

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Under the Floorboards

UnitingCare Ballarat begins a unique artistic project, Under the Floorboards, with the first of 12 artist residences commencing on Monday 30th July.  Under the Floorboards is a collaborative project in which renowned Western District artists will create works based on their experiences at one of the diverse programs provided by UnitingCare Ballarat. The project will culminate in a gala event with an art auction and performance of the works in October 2013 and the proceeds will provide funding for the services.  

The City of Ballarat Arts & Cultural Development is a project partner with UnitingCare Ballarat, extending opportunities for quality arts experiences to all members of the community and providing significant professional development opportunities to local & regional artists.

ABC Ballarat is the project media partner.

Media contact :  Susan Howell 03 5337 2770,  [email protected]