Invisible Lives

Invisible Lives, 2017

70 x 47cm, Archival C-Type Photographic Print, Professionally Framed
Limited Edition of 1/7 + 2AP

Invisible lives artwork depicts an asylum-seeking family from Sri Lanka, who have been living in Ballarat for nearly a decade. Without a permanent status in Australia, their everyday struggle is often unbearable. After meeting them many years ago, I decided to bring more awareness to their situation and encourage empathy and support in various ways.

The purchase price of this first edition artwork will become a donation to the family so they can pay their Medicare bills (they have no Medicare), rent and food (they have no right to work). I hope it’ll go to someone with a big heart and understanding of what families of refugees go through in their daily lives.

ABC Ballarat:

If you’d like to know more about their story, please DM me or read a recent article by ABC Ballarat. You can also pen a letter to the relevant Gov minister mentioned in the article to #LetThemStay.


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Invisible Lives artwork