Artist Statement

Invisible lives artwork depicts a family of war refugees. Without a permanent status in the country, their everyday struggle is often unbearable. There are feelings of depression, uncertainty while at the same time, also courage to keep the hopes up and to not give up. The symbolism of white colour in this artwork represents Innocence, Purity, Peace, Simplicity, Clarity, Transparency. It also represents mourning of what is, or might be lost in this waiting process.

Colours of World Cultures exhibition 5 March – 29 of March, is curated by Magda Kazmierczak. This group exhibition showcases Ballarat’s cultural diversity by bringing together artworks and artefacts to celebrate 10 years of City of Ballarat’s Intercultural Ambassadors Program. Each item in the exhibition has been shaped by the cultures of their makers and the environments in which they were produced, whether they have been brought from the artists’ place of origin or created in their new homeland.

Opening event 14 March 2020, 3 for 3.30 pm Speaker: Cr Belinda Coates, Deputy Mayor, City of Ballarat DJ: Bobby Mehta

Invisible Lives, 2017
70 x 47cm, Archival C-Type Photographic Print
Professionally Framed
Limited Edition of 1/7 + 2AP

Invisible Lives