Polish Art Exhibition

“Vibes” or “Klimaty” (in Polish language) is an art exhibition featuring 27 artists interpreting a broad theme from ecological musings to personal feelings surrounding our very existence.

“When we (Polish Art Foundation or PAF) sat around our usual meeting table late last year, we could not have imagined how poignant our theme may have become.”

This exhibition takes place in December 2020. A tumultuous year for mankind across continents and nations. An ‘annus horribilis’ to borrow Her Majesty’s term as countries and individuals were forced into lockdown and continue to battle an invisible enemy. Some say imaginary some real. With political risings and falls, loud voices of social media dissent, scientific disputes, lots and lots of analysis and more commentary across the globe than history can recall.

Many of us slowed down during this history making event, some stopped to reflect. Others became restless, angry, frustrated or just sad. Let us take some time out… look around us. Art lifts us to a higher plane. It arrests our imaginations. Provokes. Relieves the pressures and struggles of daily life. Feel the vibes… Delight…Enjoy… And here is hoping… and wishing you and your loved ones a happier, better, health filled, blessed 2021.

The Polish Art Foundation Team

VIBES Exhibition 10-15 December 2020, 10-4pm

Victorian Artists Society 430 Albert St, East Melbourne

Listen to the interview on SBS Radio here

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