Aldona Kmiec Social Impact Art Invisible Lives Limited edition print

Help an Asylum Seeker family

It is 6 years today since my friend’s family’s visa was ceased: ✖️no visa ✖️no right to paid work ✖️no Medicare So I created this artwork and exhibition titled “Invisible Lives” for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale festival in 2017 to bring awareness and support them any way I can. This artwork is also available to…

Multicultural Ambassadors City of Ballarat Program City of Ballarat 2012-2014

Intercultural Ambassador Program

Between 2012-2014 I took part of then City of Ballarat’s Multicultural Ambassador Program (unpaid). It was two years after migrating to Australia and then choosing to live in Ballarat. My personal experiences were mostly positive, some of my enthusiasm was later dampened down by some bureaucracy which made me think of my growing and uneasy…