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Childhood memories

Childhood memories in documentary photos. Is returning to see your childhood home possible and have you done it? Vast majority of people who make a trip to see a former home select a place they lived in during their primary school years (around 5 to 12 years old). In Poland, people generally don’t change homes as…

Nostalgic Warsaw Poland

Nostalgic Poland

Nostalgic Poland Some time ago I have set up a Facebook page dedicated to a City of Ballarat Multicultural Ambassador Program. It has already attracted a great number of people interested in it and it’s mission is to promote world’s cultures and the Multicultural Program that City of Ballarat has been successfully running for over…

Traditional Polish Wedding – Mia Familia!

Traditional Roman Catholic Polish Wedding Blessing Ever been to a Polish wedding? If not, than you’re missing quite an amazing cultural experience! Marta & Damian are a vibrant young couple and Marta is my youngest sister. The vibrancy, colors and capturing emotions was my photo brief for their traditional roman catholic ceremony that started off at…

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