Graeme Innes AM portrait disability human rights campaigner, lawyer ALDONA KMIEC PHOTOGRAPHER

Graeme Innes AM portrait

 “We are not victims or heroes, but agents of our own destiny”  Graeme Innes This morning I had a great honour to take a portrait photograph of one of Australia’s well known lawyers and disability and human rights campaigners, Graeme Innes AM. Graeme is a chair of Attitude Foundation and his organisation is about changing attitudes towards people with disabilities.…

Shermaine Heng Breathe Woman Ballarat

Shermaine Heng: Breathe, Woman!

Artist-in-Residence, Shermaine Heng has worked with women from diverse cultural backgrounds in Ballarat throughout February and March 2015. Together they developed a 40 minute contemporary dance piece that reflects their unique stories and experiences. Women of all ages and backgrounds have contributed to the piece in many creative ways, through individual choreography, interviews and much…