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Design Files Australia Aldona Kmiec Ballarat artist Choosing wall art for your homePhoto: Eve Wilson for The Design Files Australia

I’ve been feeling quite homesick lately (it’s been almost three years since I last saw my family face to face and not via weekend Skype chats). So when I do, I dig my archive and I take few more train trips. Here are some framed photographs from recent roadtrips around Wimmera and East Gippy. If you’d like to see them on your wall, head to this gallery.

Triticale Fields Limited Edition Print


Cows Limited Edition Print


Wimmera Limited Edition Print


Drops Limited Edition Print




Where to buy wall art?

You do not have to spend a fortune on original wall art – many galleries offer AfterPay, affordable payment plan. It’s good to know that by purchasing art locally, you are supporting a local artist market and not a mass produced cheap supplier. Think about it, till next x