Visual Photo Diary & reflections on isolation

I’m currently taking part in the Ballarat Intl Foto Biennale curated project called Mass Isolation Australia.

This online project is a visual record of the COVID-19 crisis on Instagram, inspired by the 1937 Mass Observation project in Britain. Curators Shaohui Kwok and Amelia Saward invite Australians to share their photographs to build an online visual archive of this extraordinary moment in history.

2020 has been marked a year of disasters and Mass Isolation is an opportunity to find lightness, to share experiences and build our faith in humanity’s ability to survive.

To view the full project on Instagram, please click here. Below are some of my photographs on the topic of isolation, lockdown intimacy and reflection.

Mother breastfeeding baby in red Mass Isolation Australia photography project

Lockdown Intimacy recollections Stage 4 lockdown Melbourne MassIsolationAus



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