Dreamscapes are Aldona Kmiec’s new photographic series. This body of work explores her love of the Australian outdoors and conceptual portraiture created by photographing her artistic friends in regional Victorian landscapes.

Our experiences are heightened when we travel outside of our comfort zone. Although my photographs are staged, all were photographed in quickly changing weather conditions in winter 2015, therefore the process of photographing and getting ‘the right shot’ was quite tedious and took a long time. Once captured, there was very little or no further digital input and the final artworks are one of my favourite ones due to the level of difficulty. Elusive unicorn in a dreamlike walk on the beach, lion-hearted medieval knight courageously facing what’s ahead of him and an angel being swept away by the unknown dark powers.

Since 2004 Aldona Kmiec has been creating works on the issues involving migration, journey and multicultural society. Working with local artists and regional communities, her works celebrate the human pride, joy of imagination and being true to your passion.


Unicorns are real Kirsty Hawkes Artist Warrnambool ALDONA KMIEC ARTWORKS Nathan Curnow poet Kryal Castle ALDONA KMIEC ARTWORKS Robert Lewis writer Murphys War book author ALDONA KMIEC ARTWORKS
Tobu means to fly Wakaba Shudo Dancer ALDONA KMIEC ARTWORKS