My recent work from Veil series explores long-exposure photography through laboriously repeated bodily movements, layered with vibrant compositions of colour. This kind of repetitive and physical effort required to create a photograph is a form of contemplation itself and it helps to increase the awareness of my body and mind. The colours I choose are connected to my emotions, the red and white Polish flag and historical Polish cultural motifs such as the monument to the Heroes of Warsaw, also known as the Warsaw Nike, in Greek mythology a goddess who personified victory.

This work also reflects my need to explore themes of identity and the emotions tied to moving to a foreign country. It provides a broader narrative and context for dialogue around migration, the concept of ‘fitting in,’ and the complexity of belonging.

Opening night: Wednesday 31st July, 6.30-8pm 
Meet the Artist: Saturday 3 August, 1-3pm

Tacit Art Gallery 314 Johnston St, Abbotsford, Vic 3067 (Victoria Park train station)