Looking at the big picture

The Big Picture

The big picture, 2020 Take a step back and zoom out and then in again. Why is ~Looking at the big picture~ important? Well, to see things from a different angle, to challenge your thinking from someone else’s point of view, to allow yourself to see wider possibilities, to admit your own limitations, to think…


Big Issue Ballarat

It doesn’t matter what you do. It’s important that you do something. www.thebigissue.org.au  The Big Issue magazine is a fortnightly, independent magazine that is sold on the streets by homeless, marginalised and disadvantaged people. Vendors buy a magazine for $3 and sell it for $6 keeping the profit.  They hold a licence and a photo identification. You…

Barriers to acceptance the diverse cultures in Australia

Barriers to acceptance

Barriers to acceptance If you were forced to leave your homeland suddenly, what five things would you take with you? On Sunday June 23rd I was part of the unique event with 150 audience – The Five Things Project organised by CMY Centre for Multicultural Youth held at the M.A.D.E Museum in Ballarat. For two…

Bus Journey Morocco 2007 Driving through Moroccan desert_Fine Art Travel images Africa

Escaping the over digitisation

Seeking the real and tangible to offset our hyper-digital lives   Work got the better of me today. So I’m in bed. And working! Or ‘catching up’ as I like to call it if I’m in bed unable to work outside. Writing in English is not my natural activity, but one that I love so…

Multicultural Ambassadors City of Ballarat Program City of Ballarat 2012-2014

Intercultural Ambassador Program

Between 2012-2014 I took part of then City of Ballarat’s Multicultural Ambassador Program (unpaid). It was two years after migrating to Australia and then choosing to live in Ballarat. My personal experiences were mostly positive, some of my enthusiasm was later dampened down by some bureaucracy which made me think of my growing and uneasy…

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