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Aldona Kmiec Photography provides personalised high quality Business Headshots & Family Portraits in Ballarat and Melbourne. A range of high quality products are available including archival prints, canvas prints, metal prints & photo albums.

Where will my Portrait be taken?

Family portraits can be arranged in the comfort of your home or on location, such as at a park or the beach. I can assist you in choosing the right location to suit the style of portrait you are looking for. Corporate and Headshot Photography are best produced in a dedicated professional photography studio, however I can provide similar results at your office or preferred location.

Will my photos be retouched?

Following your portrait session, images selected by a Client are professionally retouched and uploaded to a secure website. Skin retouching for family portrait photography has a natural result and business headshot photography has a more polished, professional result.

What should I wear?

Family Portraits – it’s generally a good idea to avoid bold patterns or big logos. For more casual family portrait wearing light to mid-tones helps to convey a positive and relaxed mood. For more formal family portraits, make sure everyone agrees on the dress code, whether it’s smart casual or more dressy, for the best possible results. I am more than happy to provide advice prior to your family portrait session for the best possible outcome.

Business headshots – Try to select clothing which will best reflect the image of your industry or your organisation, while at the same time helping to reveal your unique personality. You are welcome to bring along a few options for advice before your shoot. Females may like to bring a few different jewellery pieces, scarves, jackets or shirts, and males can bring a few shirts, jackets and ties.

Makeup or no makeup?

Because it’s important to look your best, you may want to consider having your hair and make-up professionally styled. This is especially important for business portrait photography. I’ve partnered with reliable local make-up artist and hair stylist.

Tips for self styling your Hair and Makeup

It’s important to know that the camera can reveal your flaws. For this reason, you may like to wear more foundation than usual for a better result and use concealer to hide dark circles, redness or obvious blemishes and pimples. You can then use a matt face powder to seal your foundation. If you’re blessed with a great complexion you may like to use something lighter, like a tinted moisturiser. Most women benefit from more intense eye makeup, to better draw attention to the eyes. It’s best to avoid makeup with excessive shine or glitter, which can cause harsh reflections. Feel free to bring your makeup along to your shoot for any touchups which are required.

What if I have concerns about my body?

If you feel self conscious about a certain part of your body (as most of us do) it’s a good idea to wear something that minimises your area of concern. For example, if you are self conscious about your arms, wear a top with longer sleeves or a jacket. Feel free to discuss your concerns with me prior to the shoot.

How many photos will you take?

On the day of your shoot, I will take a variety of images and select the best images for you to view online.

When will I receive my order?

After selecting your images online, your prints will be delivered to you within days depending on the season. Packages including canvas prints and framing can take longer due to 3rd party deliveries.

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