Ryu is off to Melbourne for another Victorian Kendo championships this morning! Ryu , who is my Japanese student was in the winning team at the Otsuka Memorial Taikai back in July. He has won the huge trophy and a gold medal for his now local Ballarat club – such a great achievement after only being in Australia for 6 months!! We are extremely proud of him!!

The Nagae Memorial Taikai for 3rd Dan was held on the morning of July 14th at the Kenshikan, Melbourne. For more info about Ballarat Kendo Iaido & Jodo Club please visit www.ballaratkendoclub.org

Ballarat Melbourne Kendo Otsuka 2012
Shaun Hearn, Lachlan Webb and Ryu Okuno with Sensei/Instructor Gary Oliver of the Ballarat Kendo Club at the Otsuka Memorial Taikai 2012 Melbourne Photo courtesy Ballarat Kendo Club www.ballaratkendoclub.org
Ballarat Kendo Club
Melbourne, July 2012 Photo courtesy Ballarat Kendo Club www.ballaratkendoclub.org