When you’re afraid, you’re unlikely to take risks

Fear, a powerful and primitive emotion that alerts us to the presence of danger. The adrenaline rush, fight or flight response. Anyone who’s been through the experience, they’ll never forget it. Even if they do, the body remembers.

Few years ago I found myself in a situation where we were confronted with a dangerous house fire. While my memories of the event are now quite desensitised, my body still remembers some aspects of it and still reacts to even the tiniest smell of smoke. Each person’s reaction is different in response to the same event and finding out what was my reaction was important. I also remember I had a funny phobia of supermarkets. As funny as it sounds, it was a huge problem for me that lasted for a few years. I’ve managed to learn some cognitive skills and worked to confront my phobic reaction by exposure. I now longer have this reaction.

Throughout the years, somewhere underneath the surface I learnt how to record images that express my feelings of fear and a fight against it. Ballarat pet photography dog RSPCA million paws walk fear

Gold Coast surfers fine art prints Aldona Kmiec Australia

No fear tornado powerful primitive emotion that alert danger

Fear Silhouette Girl powerful primitive emotion that alert danger