Where to tie the knot?

Below are a few wedding venues near Ballarat I think are just fantastic in terms of the potential for timeless wedding photographs, personalised customer service, proximity to Ballarat and the beautiful rustic country appeal.

East Gippsland Weddings photographer Aldona Kmiec Lakes Entrance Bairnsdale wedding
Aghadoe Estate 2300 Midland Hwy. Springmount, VIC, 3364 +61 (0)431313248 www.aghadoeestate.com.au


Lavandula Country Wedding Venues near Ballarat Aldona Kmiec Daylesford
Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm 350 Hepburn-Newstead Rd, Shepherds Flat VIC 3461 (03) 5476 4393 www.lavandula.com.au


Country Wedding Venues near Ballarat Unique cinematic wedding photographs Melbourne Ballarat wedding photographer Cave Hill Creek Beaufort
Cave Hill Creek 110 The Glut Rd, Beaufort VIC 3373 Phone (03)5349 7381 www.cavehillcreek.com.au


Tangled Maze Creswick rustic wedding photography venue Melbourne City Wedding on Polka Dot Bride Aldona Kmiec Photography
Tangled Maze 2301 Midland Hwy, Springmount VIC 3364 Phone (03) 5345 2847 www.tangledmaze.com.au
Country Wedding Venues near Ballarat Photography Aldona Kmiec
Providence Gullly 613 Creswick Road, Sandon 3462 Phone: 0412 300 789 www.providencegully.com.au


Country Wedding Photography Venues Ballarat Aldona Kmiec
Tumblers Green 1550 Midland Hwy, Creswick VIC Phone 03 5345 2797 www.tumblersgreen.com.au


Country Wedding Venues Galwiji Homestead fine art portrait wedding Photography Aldona Kmiec Ballarat
Galwiji Homestead Pryors Rd Scotsburn Vic 3352 Phone 0424 750 555 www.galwijihomestead.com


Narmbool Weddings Venues near Ballarat Aldona Kmiec Photography
Narmbool Weddings Horsehill North Rd Elaine VIC 3334 Phone (03) 5337 1188 www.functions.sovereignhill.com.au/narmbool/