But before We Do… Letter to Bride & Groom

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Before We Do… Photo: Aldona Kmiec 2012


Today is one of those exciting days, editing photos, new enquires, finalising art projects.. I have just finished ‘early spring cleaning’ my new office and it looks and feels great. I instantly have a fresher mind and feel energised by this simple task! So I look forward to new assignments.

And it came!

Email that says: How Much for the wedding? 

So, you don’t know if you’re dealing with a spammer or genuinely a first time client. But why don’t they read the FAQs specially prepared for them? Is it a lack of respect? I would have thought, a first time bride would be  more prepared, that’s all.

Simple Marketing Rule: the dealing with your client starts when he/she doesn’t even know that you exist. That’s right. The word of advertising by WOMO – Word of Mouth (plus more but the article is not about advertising). Simple rule of good customer service is To Fulfil Clients Wishes. Simple rule for a customer should be To Ask, right?? But they usually don’t ask enough! Why?

No idea why. It’s just they’ve learnt that way. No drama.

So, that’s actually even better. It gives you a lot more field to play with. It would be very different if someone knows how to play poker – they ask tons of questions before you even met them, and in writing!!

I love working with people, especially when half of time I don’t understand the local slang, (just joking, it’ll come).. And don’t get me wrong – I love it all – that’s part of an adventure called Life.

So I guess, the purpose f this article is to encourage asking more questions. It doesn’t hurt us photographers – we love questions and the more the better!! That’s why we do the work that we do. It saves us time to ask them for you, means less delay in giving you your desired answer and that’s why you have contacted us in the first place anyway. So please, ask and don’t be shy.

Finishing up with my mantra…

Dear Client. You deserve the best experience and it is important that we match together well. But before we start I need to know more about You. Less is Not More. So please –  be as precise as you can in describing all your wedding needs, from the location of your wedding and the date to the duration of the service you’d like and all details you might think are irrelevant – they are!

If you know someone getting married soon, share it with them. To contact us, fill in the form. (Don’t forget you know what ;))

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