Walk & Learn Photography

Travel does not have to mean big planes and weeks of being away.. One of the reasons why I moved to regional Victoria was that we are surrounded by soo many amazing buildings! One hour by car or a train takes you to Melbourne, the beach, Macedon Ranges, Daylesford and there’s a short drive to Lal Lal falls, where Eugene von Gerard painted one of his famous Australian landscapes. I just love living in the country!

I’m not a big fan of social media but I value how it works for small businesses. Going to Sydney in May for the Head On Photo Festival and meeting an American Instagramer Ben Lowy was like an icing on the cake, it made me download the app and start using it. So it took some time to get the feel of it, to see its possibilities. Now I’d like to teach you what I’ve learnt!

#Ballarat Walking Tours

There are plenty more secrets to using Instagram. In fact, the app has so many ways of making your images look interesting, so if you’re interested in Ballarat photo walk,  book it here: