There's no innovation without experimentation
There’s no innovation without experimentation

Art making is mysterious and very personal. During COVID lockdown it has gotten very challenging.  No one has ever answered that question “where do your ideas come from,” because none of us really knows? We, as artists must experiment in order to find their way around themselves, around our emotions, constantly.

Art practice COVID style has just taken on another dimension. Artists must experiment because there is no other road map, no other way to discover how best to navigate our own practice and our own mind. What works for me won’t work for you and vice versa.


“Do no more than Look! Assemble, testify, preserve!”, Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders

The hard reality of what I’m going through right now has magnified my fears, polluted my mind with more anxiety and gradually making me doubt whether I’m ever going to have a life I used to have before.

I’m trying to find the way out of this. Making it a practice to try and find time to journal, and experiment with ideas, it is positive, distracting and enabling. Otherwise, nothing happens, rather the opposite happens. Experimentation takes you outside of those repetitions, to unexplored territory and untried actions. Exploring the wilderness is always exciting.

Discovering that photography is such a beautiful gift to give to someone – memories of themselves from years before. The moment in time cannot ever be repeated again. It’s the kindest thing you can give to a person.

Scene from the 50s Celebrity Couple in a car blinded by a firing camera flash