Painter Artist Documentation Ballarat

Artist documentation services – Grace Bailey Painter

Documentation of Art Photo or Video documentation of artworks, exhibitions, cultural programs, and art events High-quality photography and video on location Accurate reproduction of artworks: colour, scale and texture Exhibition Photography Portraits including headshots and staff group photos Ready-to-use TIFF and JPEG files at requested image resolution, compression and size Featured: artist documentation for a…

Jessica Andersen painter Clunes fields by Aldona Kmiec Photographer

Jessica Andersen Artist photoshoot

Photographer’s Assistant: Louisa Lobigs Props: Magda Kazmierczak Shooting conditions: Tue 16th Feb 2016 after 6.30pm 12C, windy I met a Ballarat-based painter Jessica Andersen through the newly formed local artists group SHAC – Soldiers Hill Arts Collective. The group was formed quite accidentally after Lynne & Ken Makings, residents of Soldiers Hill, while walking the dogs…

Shiree Pilkington Ballarat Artist

Maori-English-Croatian: Shiree Pilkinton

Commissioned work for Central Highland Arts Atlas A friend of Shiree Pilkinton’s recently said “so you’re Maori-English-Croatian, you speak French and you live in Australia….how did that happen?” Not surprisingly, she is often asked this.  It does seem like an unusual mix, but as Shiree points out, there were a lot of Maori-Croatian intermarriages back…

Ballarat Share Africa Aldona Kmiec photography

Nyanchar Deng, Share Africa brand photography

Commissioned work for Central Highland Arts Atlas New world new opportunities  When I first moved to Ballarat in late 2010, I didn’t feel ‘at home’ straightaway. No friends, no family, no ties with the new land and new culture. It was pretty tough. Since then, Australia has just become my second home country and, after leaving…

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