Mother breastfeeding baby in red Mass Isolation Australia

Mass Isolation Australia

Photography and reflections on isolation Collection of images of my everyday life in Melbourne lockdown, created for Ballarat Intl Foto Biennale Instagram project Mass Isolation Australia documenting visual records of the COVID-19 crisis on Instagram.

Ballarat Gov Hub site Ballarat Architecture Photography Ballarat GovHub Ballarat Civic Hall building

Ballarat Civic Hall / GovHub

Documentary photographic study of Ballarat Civic Hall building, the future site of Ballarat GovHub Work in progress January 2018. The neglected and controversial Ballarat Civic Hall site sits empty on Crown land before it undergoes an $8 million refurbishment to return the building to its former glory. In a few months this site will change…

Ballarat house fire photography


Sunday, 30 September 2012 at 1:10 – 2:50 am Just before my parents’ first visit to Australia in late 2012, Victorian house next door caught fire, resulting in a series of gas bottle explosions, melted plastic and thick dark smoke coming out of it until the early hours of the morning. I was the first…

My Art in the Vestibule: Family Home Biezen house Down the memory lane Childhood memories

Memories of a Family Home

I grew up in a small village in Poland during the fall of communism and the start of democracy. Our family nearly lost everything during WWII. When I was a kid, nobody had much money to go out. Our social life happened at a house or while working, or on a street outside your home. No…

Dogs bonding Lake Toolondo Grampians Wimmera


The rhythm of the dusty afternoon. Heat of the late afternoon sun causes the mud on my feet crack. 2017 Finalist Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women

Iconic Australian backyards prints Hills Hoist print Great Australian Backyard Hills Hoist

The Great Australian backyard

Having grown up in Poland, my memories of our expansive countryside backyards are quite different from memories of most of my Aussie friends who do not come from the country. When I moved to Australia, I became so fascinated by the old Victorian houses and the mystery they hold that I planned and eventually managed…

Art on The Block Unicorns are real Warnambool Ballarat artist Aldona Kmiec Photography


Dreamscapes Photography Art series Submerged in their own worlds, dreams are reluctant subjects to photograph. Sometimes a dream image materialises and we catch a glimpse of that other world. Sometimes these images emerge thanks to the people we encounter, or the places we visit. There is something magical in attempts to capture slices of these…

Ballarat Australia portrait photography My Australia My Journey Ballarat African sudanese refugee Bowness Photographer Aldona Kmiec Prize finalist

My Australia My Journey

“My Australia My Journey is one outcome of Aldona Kmiec’s ongoing inquiry into the nature and meaning of ‘multiculturalism’ in contemporary Australian society. Working with local culturally diverse communities, Aldona creates images that are sometimes straightforward and at other times atmospheric and abstract. Taken together, her body of work is a narrative about identity, the…