Balancing Act Mother Aldona Kmiec Art Installation BOAA Mining Exchange


Art Installation at the Mining Exchange Ballarat featuring large ‘Balancing Act’ paste up, inviting viewers interaction Biennale of Australian Art BOAA 2018

In the process of healing Ballarat family photography by Aldona Kmiec Artist installation Ballarat Convent Tamil Family Ballarat

In the Process of Healing

My vision is to give hope. To document the invisible lives, drowned by society’s attempts to maintain normalcy through keeping their eyes shut, pretending that lives don’t exist, referring to them as numbers. “Thought-provoking, sensitive and empathetic” , “Powerful exhibition”, “This is a profoundly insightful, immersive experience, just totally nails it.” Jack Dillinger Located in the former…

We R You Ballarat Street art paste up

Street art

Ballarat Street Art murals #We R You Ballarat Street Art project #WeRYou, an inclusive and participatory street art project focused on the power of community, art and 
ideas to change perceptions and attitudes of Ballarat residents. Over six months in 2013, I facilitated a series of installations of large format paste-ups, designed to combat ugly…

Mosaic portrait print Under the Floorboards Artworks Multicultural Australian Faces Portrait Photography Aldona Kmiec Ballarat Melbourne Under the Floorboards Exhibition Art Gallery Ballarat

Under the Floorboards

Artist Residency, Ballarat The Truth is that we all are fragmented. Some more than others. There are thousand pieces to one’s story. Made up of thousands of images and weeks of intense photographic work, the Under the Floorboards artworks and a commissioned Artist Residency with Uniting Care Ballarat, brought together the work of 12 different…